Sunday, August 21, 2011

August in Brazil

August in Brazil... sounds like it would be nice and warm...not true :) The weather here in Curitiba is crazy!  One day it will be warm, around 70 or 80, and then next day it will be FREEZING cold and raining.  The majority of the weather has been cold, but we are getting used to not having any heat and learning to wear lots of layers! :)

Our schedule has stayed the same since last update.  The classes have been really good and God has definitely been teaching me more about who He is and who I am in Him.  This past week has been my favorite week so far.  It was on "The Father Heart of God".  We had the founder of YWAM Curitiba come and share. He was a great teacher.  We talked a lot about how we view fathers and mothers, areas we could have been hurt in, and then focused on God as our Father. It is so amazing to come to the place where you see God as your Father and that we are His children.  God really spoke to me about my love for Anna. He told me that the way I love her, the way I want to protect her, provide for her, comfort her, teach her, give her the best of everything, that is the way He feels about us. And His ways are even deeper than ours! That the love I have for her cannot even compare with the love He has for me! I had always known God was my Father, but this week really brought a new reality, a connection between my mind and my heart, and a true way of viewing that God is my Father. It was a week I will never forget.

Nathan has continued leading worship and intercession everyday.  He has also been teaching a couple classes as well.  He taught one on worship and one on being poor in spirit.  He is planning on teaching two more classes on faith in September.  He is an amazing teacher.  He really knows how to teach from the heart of God.  God has also been so faithful in our times of intercession.  Since being here we have seen a family's adoption process go through, a girl's family who was going to lose their home get an extension on their payments, and our translator was healed of cancer!  God is so faithful to His children!

Anna is doing great.  She is learning to say more words and is definitely exploring her independence :) She is a true blessing from God.

We are here for about another month and then are off to Scotland!  Please continue to pray that all of our finances will come in, as we still need to buy our tickets to get there.

God is a good Father and He is ALWAYS faithful!

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