Thursday, March 10, 2011

God Provides

The past few weeks have been a time where God has really been showing His faithfulness and provision.  He has not only shown up in our personal lives but also in GX as a ministry.  This past Saturday GX had a dessert fundraiser to raise finances for the new staff house that was purchased last year.  The house was purchased to be used as the GX International office, staff housing, to have extra dance space, and have an area to hold conferences and meetings.  The goal of the house is to have a space available to bring staff in, prepare them, and send them out.  The founder of GX bought the house for an extremely low price and he along with other staff members have been volunteering a lot of their time in helping to fix it up.  The goal of the fundraiser was to raise the money to pay off the house and to bring in extra to continue being able to fix it up.  The fundraiser brought in over $9000 and 5 monthly supporters.  Although GX is still in need of finances, this was a huge blessing and a great example of God's provision!  Please keep GX in your prayers and believe with us that the rest of the money needed will come in over the next couple months.  God has also been providing in our lives personally.  Nathan received about ten days of work which helped bring in the extra finances we needed for the month.  Along with this, God has given us little surprises here and there by bringing in extra money from random people.  Even though we still are trying to raise support to meet our monthly budget, God has been so faithful in making up the difference while we are working on this.  This past month has been a time for Nathan and I to really reflect on and rest in the fact that GOD IS GOOD.

I have been continuing to dance twice a week and have started teaching ballet to the staff here in order to work on our technique.  Nathan has been able to skate a lot more now that the snow is melted and the sun has been shining.  He has met a few friends at the skate park and is looking forward to investing more into those relationships.  The different Bible studies we are in are continuing to go well and we really feel like GX as a community is being united in a new way through these.

This past week has been a time where we have started making and establishing some short term future plans.  We have committed to leading a small church based outreach in Fargo, North Dakota from April 27th-May 9th.  We, as a couple, will be team leaders, and I will be Program Director for the outreach as well.  We also are planning to take a trip back to Atlanta the first two weeks of June.  We have committed to being a part of the larger outreach to Fargo this fall.  I will be Program Director for this as well. At this point we are planning on going to Scotland for an outreach after Fargo.  Please begin to pray about partnering with us financially for these outreaches.  We will send out more specific needs and details soon.  We are so excited about this summer and fall and so thankful that God is using us to further His Kingdom!