Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life in Brazil

Exactly 3 weeks ago today we arrived here in Curitiba, Brazil! The flight to get here took 2 days, and Anna did AMAZING!  God definitely blessed us with a baby made to travel.  We arrived late Sunday night, and went straight to bed :) We are staying at a ministry campus that rents out rooms for conferences and schools like we are doing.  We have our own room and bathroom which is great.  We are not in the same building as the rest of the staff and students, so it is a little quieter. It is a winter here, so it has been cold, rainy, and humid!

Here is a breakdown of what our daily routine looks like:
7am: breakfast
7:30-8: devotional
8:15-9: worship or intercession
9-12:30: class
12:30: lunch
1-2:30: work duties
2:30-5:30: dance practice or small groups
6:30: dinner
After dinner is normally free time or time to read our book or work on our journals.

This is the schedule that I am on.  Nathan is leading worship and intercession while we are here, and it has been awesome!  After that, he is with Anna while I am in class or dance practice/small groups.  I have lots of breaks during the day that I am able to spend time with Anna, and then my nights are focused on spending time with her and Nathan.  It has been an adjustment for me not having as much time with Anna, but Nathan and her have been having an awesome time together, and I know that this time they have is irreplaceable and will be something that develops her into who she is going to be as she grows up.

Since we have been here I have had teachings on prayer and intercession, the attributes of God, the redemption plan of God, and our identity in Christ. All the classes have been in Portugese and then translated into English.  This has been a challenge sometimes, but God fills in the gaps that are lost in translation :)  The classes have been really good and the teachers have been awesome. I have really enjoyed everything we have been learning, and feel so blessed to have this time to focus on God and learn more about who He is.  He has been so faithful in speaking to both Nathan and I and we believe that this will be a time of tremendous growth in both our lives.

Anna is doing great.  She had no problem adapting to this new environment and culture.  She has made friends with everyone and is always the center of attention...and she loves it :) She is learning some new words and seems to be growing up so fast.  She is such a blessing!

We always need prayer, so here are a few prayer requests that we would love to have you pray for!

-Finances for Scotland
-Continued health for Anna and us
-That God would open up doors for Nathan to share the gospel at the local skate park

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