Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Starting to Get CRAZY!

I know it has been awhile since we wrote anything, but life really has gone from "not a ton going on" to "no time for anything!"  But, it has been good!

First of all, we have some really exciting news!  We have been praying for awhile about doing a Discipleship Training School with YWAM.  This is a 6 month internship through Youth With A  Mission and is needed in order to be on staff with YWAM, and is also a great opportunity to have time to study the Word of God and grow with Jesus through teachings and an outreach phase.  Nathan completed this school in 2005, but I have yet to do one.  So after praying, we felt that God said YES.  SO.....we are leaving July 9th for Curitiba, Brazil!!!! We will be there 3 months.  I will be doing the school and Nathan will be helping with Anna and doing staff responsibilities with the school as well.  After the 3 months, we return to Atlanta for a couple weeks of rest, and then leave for the outreach phase of the school.  We are going to be apart of an outreach going to Scotland.  It will be a tour with GX, so we will be back with our specific ministry.  I have been asked to be Program Director for this outreach.  The most exciting part of all this is that our plane tickets to Brazil have been bought already!!! God is so good!  Someone gave us their air miles and purchased 2 tickets for us.  So amazing.  I think we are both still in shock.  We still have a lot of money to raise, but this is a huge blessing.  Right now we are looking at needing around $8,000 for the school, tickets to Scotland, Visas, a passport for Anna, and bills while we are gone for these 5 months.  We know that God will provide and we are so excited for all He has in store! Please pray for us, and about partnering with us in what God has called us to do.  If you feel led to give please email us at nsmissions3@gmail.com.

What we have been up to lately: since last post, we had our GX Staff Retreat.  We went to Arkansas for the weekend and spent time worshipping, vision casting, and being commissioned in our new staff positions.  Nathan has been encouraged and commissioned in stepping into a team leader position for any tour that it is needed.  I have been asked to be Co-Program Director for all of GX International.  Me and one other girl will be overseeing everything that happens within the ministry as far as how the program for our shows is put together.  We will be in charge of making sure new dances are created and videos are made as often as needed.  We will make sure that each outreach has a complete dance team.  And we will oversee the program and training time for each outreach to make sure the show looks the best that it can.  There is a lot more that we will be doing, but this is the basis of what we do and everything builds off of this.

After the staff retreat, we went straight into Creative Camp, where dance staff members came together to choreograph new dances and revamp the old ones to keep our shows progressing.  Nathan also helped put together ideas for 3 new skate videos, and will be the "star" of one of them :)  He has really enjoyed putting this video together as it means even more skateboard time for him.  He has continued going to his Skate Bible studies twice a week and has had the opportunity to share Jesus with a couple kids.  He also was asked to lead one of the studies he goes to when the other leader was out of town.  He talked about the Holy Spirit and what His role in our lives is.  He said it went really well and he really enjoyed being able to do this.

We currently have moved in to "boot camp", our training time for outreaches.  We are leaving the 26th of this month to go on a 10 day outreach to parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.  We will be moving towns almost everyday, but spending a few days in Fargo, ND.  For the outreach, Nathan and I will be team leaders, I will be Program Director, and Nathan will be one of the Evangelists.  Most of our team is GX staff members, so we  feel very honored to lead such a strong team.  I have been dancing a few hours everyday for the past week and have now started dancing full 8 hour days until the end of this week.  Nathan has been amazing in watching Anna while I do this.  It is a really great time for them to spend together.  Please be praying for us as we go on this outreach. Pray that God will really move in the areas that we are going to. Pray that many people will give their lives fully over to Jesus, that many will be set free from strongholds, that the Word of the Lord will go forth in boldness, and protection for our team.

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