Saturday, February 19, 2011

God is Good!

As I had said in the last post, we had our first outreach Super Bowl Sunday.  We went to the community center and it was a very small crowd, probably around 20 people.  However, after the gospel was preached 5 people responded and gave their lives to Jesus!  Thank You God!  Right now, we are in the process of putting together other outreaches.  I have been in contact with local homeless shelters and youth centers and asking them to have us come out and do small shows and preach the gospel at their facilities.  I have heard back from one and they are very excited.  I have a meeting with them next week to go over all the details, so pray that everything falls into place.  Nathan and I both really have a heart to reach out to the inner city youth and homeless while we are here in Kansas City.  This is just the first step and I am excited to see all that God has planned.
I have continued doing accounting and all is going well! Nathan is enjoying his skate bible studies and God is definitely doing something in the skateboarding community.  We have started a marriage bible study that a couple in GX are leading.  We are meeting every other Monday for dinner and then the study.  We have had two meetings so far, and the DVDs still aren't in, so we haven't really done too much yet, but we are excited to be apart of this study! The couple that is leading, really has a heart for marriage, as so many are falling apart all around us. Their heart is to minister to the couples in GX to help our marriages grow and strengthen in Jesus as we are all in full time ministry and life can get crazy.
Dance practice is still going really well.  I am really enjoying being able to practice on a consistent basis and to develop more in my skills.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, Nathan will have more opportunities to skate outside at the free skate parks, so he is really excited about that :)
We have continued building relationships here in Kansas City with other young people.  We have been trying to have a group over about once a week for a meal and fellowship.  We usually end up worshipping, praying, and encouraging each other before the night is over.  It has been awesome!  God has definitely shown up and has encouraged all of us with His love and affection for us.  It has been a huge blessing for us to have our own place so that we are able to do this.  It is so important that as the body of Christ we encourage each other daily in who we are, how God sees us, and even prophesying and giving words of knowledge for one another.  We as believers need these things from each other so badly, and Nathan and I are really learning this and trying to walk in it, and we are seeing God move in the hearts of us and people around us.  It has been amazing and we are excited to see God establish an even larger community of people for us to fellowship with.
On the family side of things, Anna is doing great!  She is such a joy and growing up too fast.  God has been so faithful to us as we have stepped into this call.  He has met every need and has gone above and beyond what we even expected.  We serve a GOOD God!

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